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Saturday, 21 December 2013


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I suppose if Betis stay up it will go down as a turning point and if they don't as bad judgement. Perhaps it was a good idea to get it all out. I suppose with some players it might motivate them with others it could add even more doubt. The thing I didn't like was seeing Juanka and Salva S crying in the centre circle. Juanka's final ball remains terrible but the kid really tried his best as he always does and why should be humiliated in some staged act of false contrition?

Anyway hopefully it's seen as a turning point and I'm wrong!!

I know if your supporters motto is 'even if we lose' you are setting yourself up a bit but... the Betis's fans behaviour this year (from a distance) doesn't look good. I suppose you can put down the Paulao incident down to a few idiots giving the support a bad name. But last night... I've never heard a home crowd at 0-0 boo their own goalkeeper. The noise was sufficient enough for it not be put down as a minority. I don't know how filling your goalkeeper with dread counts as support.

Anyway Stosic has gone so the circus continues...

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