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Tuesday, 03 December 2013


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If for whatever reasons, anyway, anyhow Brendan Rodgers tenure as Liverpool manager ceases whilst Pepe Mel is still in possession of his P45 (well, Spanish equivalent) I would gladly have him in the Anfield dug out. I honestly can't see that ever happening but I can dream. I feel that Pepe Mel is one of those managers who would thrive and excel if given an opportunity at a club with a good bit of financial muscle to back him. It's just down to who gives him the opportunity. I can't see Wigan or Sheffield Wednesday being of much appeal to him!

As for Garrido, the real interview for the job starts now and the fans are the ones on the other side of the desk. You'd better impress! Go...

I will try to stay optimistic, but what happened with Pepe Mel really hurts. I really hope he returns to Betis some day!

I listened to the interview on one of my Spanish podcasts. He's so much more insightful and intelligent than your average "I just got screwed" person. So classy that the interview made me feel really bad for him.

i wouldn't be surprised if he turned up at fulham. it's london and the shopping is good! un buena gente, mister mel. musho beti

sky had garrido on a phono into the revista de la liga show last night and the 1st thing he said about his appointment was 'it was good to have the work'...yikes. we're in for a rocky ride

I like the analogy Adam, that made me chuckle. Part of me wants him to fail....and that's terrible! I'm only cutting off my nose to spite my face I guess but this new guy will never replace Mel. A couple of dodgy results early on and he will get pelters from the fans....and that could mean Segunda all over again! I wasn't overly impressed with his interview on Revista either, I was left thoroughly underwhelmed

Just as a matter of interest, did he do the interview with Sky in English?

He did indeed. His pronounciation was really good but he kept repeating himself and was pretty uninspiring; he basically just said he needed to improve confidence, tactics and work hard. I would have thought that was fairly self explanatory?

Sorry, I'm being unfairly harsh on him before he's even managed a game. We have to give him a fair crack of the whip....don't we?

noooooooooooooooo...out with the new, back in with the old!!! i guess everyone deserves a chance. the welfare of our club depends on it. musho beti

Come to England Pepe. I'll support whoever you manage - as long as it's not Spurs!

..or man utd, or man city or arsenal or liverpool and definately not chelski!!! other than that, anyone...i mean what have the romans ever done for us?

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