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Friday, 07 March 2014


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Just got serious goosebumps reading and watching the clip! Madness

My wife and I were watching and we both about shit ourselves when she said that. I mean, you would never, ever year someone yell, "Hala Madrid!" after getting kicked off a show like that. Even before Pilar was chosed as the winner, my wife and I both thought Yudit was the better singer. She had way more "Gitaneo" in her voice and absolutely killed the song.

Que grande es Er Beti!! I forwarded the clip to my brother a Cule and told him "check this out and then next time you dog me out after another lackluster Betis performance you'll know why I am and will always be a Betico"!

The Betis Marketing Dept. is so badly run they could use a hint and run with this clip when it comes to getting socios next year when they are in Segunda and folks are seriously debating paying first division ticket prices to watch a team in Segunda.

Viva Er Beti!!

Here is the link for those of us who do not reside in Spain. It is a shorter clip about 38 seconds.


Viva Er Beti y que grande su aficion!!

Er Pichi, thanks for pointing out that the original clip wasn't available outside of Spain - I hadn't thought to check. And you're all right, it simply wouldn't work (or happen) with any other club.

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