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Saturday, 24 May 2014


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Good to hear that Adam. Made my morning. I actually explored the FB page a bit more the other day to see what was on it in the hope you'd keep it going. I'm glad you are. I'll add you on Twitter too. Anyway, I found a link you'd posted on there to the Betis page on the Macron website and have purchased a shirt! I just hope it's reliable and it arrives in the post next week. Talking of shirts, are Macron still on board for next season do you know?

Of course i'm and reading your blog, Adam! I mean, why shouldn't i? Actually i'm not a huge fan of blogs, but this blog is something special. Favorite and only blog i'm reading. Great stuff.

Hasta luego!

You've made my morning as well Adam, or should I call you Pepe.

Adam, so glad you have decided to keep the spirit of this blog alive, and hope that some day you may even start it up again if you ever start missing it. Your words struck a real chord with me, as someone who used to run a website for a local team as well as providing match reports for various media outlets - it really did feel like a chore at times, which was never how it was supposed to be. I am not a Betis fan but have been to both the BV and the CDLdS (where I actually spent most of the game chatting to Adrian's Dad at a time when his contract was about to expire, and the future looked a lot less rosy than it does now), and I hope to make it back there someday. However you need only to be a football fan to appreciate the many thousands of words which you have written over the last few years, I for one have thoroughly enjoyed the ride and I shall miss it now that it has gone. Take care and enjoy your well-deserved rest.

Adam,I am very glad to read that this will not be the end.
Facebook indeed is a good alternative.I am looking forward to some other excellent post of you here or at facebook.

Hasta luego and hopefully not "Adios".

Gracias Adam


We'll I'm just gonna have to get my head round Twitter now! Thanks again Adam, awesome work over the years and viva el Betis manqué pierda

Belated thanks, Adam, for all your hard work over the years. My friend Dave Page introduced me to Betis when he lived in Seville 12 years ago and took me and 2 of my sons to a 3-1 win against Zaragoza. Sadly, Dave is no longer with us but I like to think he would be pleased that my whole family still follow the Verdiblancos avidly. Your blog has helped make that easier and the community empathy is a big factor.
I know you have a Brighton connection so if you ever have the chance to visit the Falmex I would consider it a pleasure to buy you a chorizo pie and pint of Harveys.

Mmmm, Chorizo pie sounds good...

Keep up the good job, i dont where to go other than this site for Betis news.


Kasper from Denmark

Thanks for the five years. You have been my Betis connection for those years, at exactly the time I found my almost-namesake and began the verdiblanco roller coaster ride. Luego for now.
jacktheokie (Bettis)

hombre, que bien noticia....all i now have to do is take the plunge and maybe sign up to ....i can't say the words....twitt....er or fac......e.book. yuk!! happy thoughts, happy thoughts. musho beti

I've never done Facebook or Twitter either. Probably something to do with my age!

Many thanks for all your hard work over the years.
So glad that you are keeping it alive. I used to live in
Algarve and made many trips to support Betis and
enjoy the nightlife of Sevilla. Will follow you on twitter
from now on. Thanks again.

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